CBR Stones is a Quality-Stone Solutions and Service Provider


CBR Stones provides designers, architects, and all project’s stakeholders with complete end-to-end solutions that tap into into a large portfolio of quality, diverse and exquisite natural stones. In short, you will receive the most appropriate stone solution for your specific project needs.


We aim to create the best and deliver the most memorable products that can be done with natural stones.


We have direct relationships with quarry owners to have access to the best stones. Our relationships coupled with our team’s extensive knowledge and experience , allows us to be fully aware of the limits of what can be done and delivered. Furthermore, our qualified, reliable and insightful team keeps communication channels open and clear among all project stakeholders so we can focus on delivering the best stone products and results.


We deliver superior-quality stone products that are second to none in terms of beauty and craftsmanship.

Worldwide Network

CBR Stones, through its robust network of qualified and exclusive providers and cut-to-size specialists, delivers high-quality products coupled with uncompromising service.