Stone Selection

The finest end-products come from the best choices of raw materials and meticulous craftsmanship. The best selection for natural stones begins at the quarry. CBR Stones has an extensive network with quarry owners that allow us to provide great insights and secure the supply of the best available stones.

Shop Drawings

We are fully capable of preparing all shop drawings required for the project, so no details are missed. Additionally we keep the communication channels open with all stakeholders in the project so everyone can help drive drive towards the best possible results.

Premium Finishes

With an extensive expertise in processing natural stone, we not only can provide unique special finishes, in standard patterns, but also deliver tailor-made options, as well, for your project.

Quality Control

Working with clients, contractors and other stakeholders, we carefully define and implement quality-control mechanisms for our projects. With stone, one has to get everything right the first time around — there’s no time or budget to re-do the work.


We can coordinate all types of logistics, reliably and safely,  from any origin to any destination in the world.


The finest stones require the finest craftsmanship and first-rate packaging. We combine the latest technology with meticulous attention to detail and skill to produce the highest quality products, which are carefully well packaged.